Personal Training and Group Fitness

Thin Lizzy Athletics is a boutique Personal Training and Group Fitness studio for women based in beautiful Bend, Oregon! Our Passion is fostering a community where a growing commitment to health and fitness is the common thread. We welcome adult women of all fitness levels and backgrounds to join us.

We commit to keeping you inspired by bringing energy, focus, knowledge and leadership to every training session!

We are excited to welcome you into our community and look forward to being part of your journey to a healthier life! Schedule your FREE consultation and get on track to your personal success today!

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"Thin Lizzy Athletics is a great work out experience. Liz gives us the instruction for a great workout.  She is very aware of everyone's strengths and weaknesses and creates the workout to achieve the most benefit for each individual."
-Marilyn, 60

Move.  Sweat.  Sculpt.

1441 SW Chandler Ave, Suite 104
Bend, Oregon 97702