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Welcome to Thin Lizzy Athletics, boutique personal training and group fitness in Bend, Oregon!  We combine strength training, cardiovascular interval training and yoga to provide an ideal workout experience that’s tailored just for you!

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To catch a quick glimpse of Thin Lizzy in action check her out on KBNZ’s ‘My Window’.
Episode 1:  Functional Fitness for low back pain.
Episode 2:  Functional Fitness for hip strength.
Episode 3:  Look great in a tank top!
Episode 4:  Functional Fitness for improved performance.
Episode 5:  Functional Fitness in the park.

“Thin Lizzy Athletics is a great work out experience. Liz gives us the instruction for a great workout. She is very aware of everyone’s strengths and weaknesses and creates the workout to achieve the most benefit for each individual.”
-Marilyn, 60

800 NW Wall Street, Suite #202,
Bend, Oregon 97701