About Our Fitness Trainers

Lizzy Sawyer - Owner/Studio Director
Personal Trainer & Nutrition Management
CPR AED and First Aid Certified
NPC Bikini Competitor

Before I moved to Bend for the first time in 1997 I lived in Hawaii, one of the most naturally beautiful places on Earth! Growing up in one enormous outdoor playground, I was surrounded by active and healthy people whose example became my fitness guide. Living with inspiration all around has led me to become passionate about exercise, and since then fitness has evolved into a way of life.  Today, my goal is to encourage others to make fitness a part of their lives too.

Staying fit, healthy, and motivated can be very difficult for many of us, but it doesn't need to be. Instead, I believe exercise should  be a fun part of our daily lives that we look foreword to, not some dreaded chore that we avoid!  I also believe that staying fit becomes very possible with a little encouragement and accountability, and that is why I believe in what I do!

As a certified National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Weight Loss Specialist, I have made it my personal mission to inspire others to get excited about fitness!  I'm here to motivate, challenge, and support you through your fitness journey!

Lizzy Sawyer

Meredith Warren - Team Manager
Personal Trainer & Group Fitness
CPR Certified

Participating in dance and cheerleading during her high school years, Meredith lived an active lifestyle growing up. However, during her college years here at COCC in Bend, she didn’t put as much emphasis on fitness and her body began feeling the effects. After studying nursing, she decided she wanted to take control of her health and followed a path that lead to a degree in health promotion. It made perfect sense to incorporate health and fitness into her career. The interest grew further and she completed her Personal Training Certification as well as a Nutrition Certification through the American Council on Exercise. Her passion is to help people appreciate the connection of fitness and nutrition towards the well being of each individual. When she's not training, she enjoys art, playing the guitar, and all the amazing sights in Central Oregon.


Hannah Culver - Member Services & Events
Yoga & Nutrition Therepy
200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified
Licensed Zumba instructor
CPR Certified

Hannah's love for movement and passion for yoga stems from her background in dance. She studied dance at the University of Oregon, where she gained experience in performance and choreography. After college, she moved to Maui and discovered yoga. She found that yoga supported her lifestyle, spiritual beliefs, and her love for movement. Hannah then left Maui to study yoga in Bali, Indonesia. She returned to Oregon feeling inspired and excited to share her love for yoga with others. In Bali, Hannah's teaching style blossomed.

Now, she enjoys teaching a physically challenging class that has a dance-like flow, relatable theme, and leaves students feeling restored and inspired to live in the moment: taking yoga with them, off the mat. Seizing any opportunity to teach, practice, and learn, she is always evolving with her experiences and constantly creating movement along the way. Hannah is currently studying to become a Nutritional Therapist Practitioner, hoping to pair her yoga and nutrition education to help clients achieve optimal health and wellness in a holistic way.

Beca Nolan - Assistant Team Manager
Personal Training & Group Fitness

Beca is a relatively new Oregon transplant. She comes to us from Reno, NV where she grew up as an avid outdoor enthusiast. Although she played multiple sports in high school, she didn't develop a passion for a healthy and fit lifestyle until she pursued a career in law enforcement. Due to the mental and physical demands of her job, Beca knew she had to make health and fitness a daily priority. She is now obsessed with living as active of a lifestyle as she possibly can, and has competed in several bodybuilding shows as well as powerlifting meets. After doing numerous competitions, it was only natural that she pursue a certificate as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer so that she could spread her passion to other willing individuals. When she's not in the gym, she can be found riding motorcycles, paddle boarding, and hiking with her dogs.

Beca strongly believes in developing very goal-specific training plans, and strives to continually improve her clients' performance levels in, and out, of the gym. She is a huge proponent of being mentally and physically capable of handling whatever life may throw at you. She has a no-nonsense, get-down-to-business attitude but loves to have fun and laugh at the same time.

Katy Nicholls -
Group Fitness Instructor
RYT-200, CPR AED Certified

Katy is new to the Bend area, hailing from Northern California and Southern Oregon.  A lifelong interest in fitness, and an instinctive aptitude for body alignment, made becoming an instructor  natural fit.

Katy loves creating challenging but playful classes, where people feel uplifted and empowered.  She is passionate about self love and acceptance.  She feels strongly that we don’t need to be fixed!  That is not what fitness is about.  A natural result of self compassion is that we begin to see a challenging workout as something that our bodies crave, shifting away from the model of working out as a way of beating ourselves up.  Similarly, we can provide the food and fluids that our bodies crave, as a loving gesture towards ourselves.

Katy is a devoted yogi and student of meditation and spiritual thought.  Life goals include becoming a therapist, learning Spanish, and living in a foreign country.  She loves reading, travel, cooking/DIY, art, nature, camping, and her four-legged bestie, Bagheera.

Katy is more than thrilled to be a part of the TLA team and welcomes the chance to get to know our community!



Sarah Keeley -
Personal Training & Group Fitness

She has taught bootcamp classes, weightlifting classes and dance classes. She is passionate about fitness, nutrition, and overall well-being. She specializes in training for strength, weight loss, and functional fitness. She really enjoys working with individuals that are new to the gym and want a fresh start in fitness. She also loves to challenge seasoned gym goers as well! Sarah has experience with creating meal plans, macro plans, and workout plans. She loves helping others reach their fitness goals and feel more confident in their own bodies. Her favorite ways to workout are weight lifting and high intensity cardio such as HIIT, but she also enjoys yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and hiking. She looks forward to sharing her love of fitness with others and helping them develop healthy lifestyle choices.

Shannon Abero -
Group Fitness Instructor, Dance
15+ Years experience

Shannon Abero has been teaching dance for over 15 years. She received training in Southern CA at local studios, such as Debbie Reynold's and Millenium Dance Complex. Her background includes: Nike, touring internationally with Asian singers, Memoirs of a Geisha, performing at House of Blues, The Ellen Show and TedXBend. Shannon currently resides in Bend and teaches various styles of dance at local schools and dance institutions (West African, Hip-Hop, Creative movement and Cultural Dance Fitness, to name a few). She loves teaching dance and being able to share her passion with all of her students!


Kelsey Herzog-
Group Fitness Instructor
500-RYT Hatha Yoga certified

Kelsey's focus on nutrition and exercise began 8 years ago when she chose a vegetarian diet and needed back relief for her scoliosis. After living in Europe for several years Kelsey decided to move home to Texas where she received her 200 hour Hatha Yoga certificate. As soon as she graduated her love of the outdoors and search for a more sustainable lifestyle brought her to Oregon.  Still desiring to deepen her yoga practice and studies - India was calling! She traveled around India for 3 months and earned her 500 hr. RYT at an ashram in Rishikesh.

She loves to create fun, empowering classes for all levels and is always seeking new challenging workouts. Kelsey is looking forward to beginning NASM certification in spring and continuing her anatomy studies. She's so grateful for the welcoming TLA community and cannot wait to trade out her hiking boots for a snowboard and cross-country skis.


Valerie Carrillo

Personal Trainer
Group Fitness Instructor
Olympic Lifter

Valerie is a competitive athlete by blood. Her parents have impressive backgrounds as a marathon runner and top ranked bodybuilder in California. This paved a path to her long standing fitness career. She competed in gymnastics for 10 years; then crossed over to Crossfit, rock climbing, hiking, and finally found her passion in olympic weightlifting. Olympic weightlifting is a modern discipline deciphered by two lifts. These two lifts force you to be a well rounded athlete. Valerie picked up powerlifting, functional strength movements, and went back to her gymnastics roots; all to better her olympic lifts. She has learned and studied many functional bodybuilding techniques and strength programming.

In the process of Valerie’s fitness journey, she worked in the medical field as an anesthesia technician for six and a half years. She pursued her medical career while personal training. After moving to Bend, Oregon, she made an important choice to do what makes her happy and that is personal training full time. She can now spread her knowledge and passion in strength and conditioning to those who are eager to train.




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