A few of our satisfied clients!

Client Testimonials

We received this letter from one of our favorite clients:

Hi Lizzy,
Got home from the hospital today and feeling great. Surgery was early Monday
and I was up and walking on Monday afternoon and on Tuesday met with the
physical therapist.Every one of my nurses and the PT were amazed at my abilities - to use the
strength in my arms to move about in bed (be proud!), to walk, to get up and
down by myself. I was thanked for being pro-active prior to surgery, given
"gold stars", and even was called a model patient!My home therapy is one exercise every 20 minutes - all of them small
movements of the left leg. But I also asked about my Thin Lizzy program and
can do simple crunches (in bed, not the floor) and all of the arm weights.
No single leg stands for a while though:-(While I started out wanting to build my strength in the first hip that had
surgery last year, once I planned to do this surgery, my goal was to be as
strong and healthy as possible.Thank you for helping me to achieve that.

International Love:

We love getting texts and emails from our clients while they travel and explore!


Margi & Marilyn, Italy

"Thanks Liz for getting us in shape for the big bike ride through the Italian Dolomites."
-Margi & Marilyn


One of our favorites, Lexa, sent us this photo while away at graduate school in London.  So cool!

Lexa in London

Lexa, London


A few of our satisfied clients!

A few of our satisfied clients!

Client Testimonials:

Don't just take our word for it! Check out these Client Testimonials to see what others are saying about us!

"I love the group classes at TLA! I moved to town in the fall from Denver, CO and was in search of a studio that offered TRX, cardio circuits, yoga, and weight training. Being an avid outdoor enthusiast, it's crucial to work all muscle groups in a variety of different ways, especially as I get older. TLA has inspired me to have fun with my workouts and immediately start seeing results. I encourage you to give the studio a visit, you will love the community that TLA has created."
-Abby, 34

"I have been working out with Liz for 2 months now. She is fun, goofy, and encouraging. She also knows her stuff! She is helping me recover from a ruptured Achilles tendon. If you are like me, keep telling yourself you need to go work out, and never seem to muster the motivation, start working out with Liz! She will get you moving and motivated."
-Anita, 42

"Liz is an excellent coach not only for fitness but in positivity and to make permanent changes in your life and well being. I've been a client for over a year and can't speak highly enough about her!"

-Kimi, 34

"The Yoga Rejuvenate class was perfect for me after a weekend of riding bikes and skiing!"
-Heidi, 40

"I love working out with Liz. She is encouraging, energetic, and creative with her training style. She is also very knowledgeable and ensures proper form is maintained throughout the workout and offers great modifications. I always have fun when Im working out at Thin Lizzy Athletics!"
-Kim, 31

         Lizzy Rocks! My recovery from knee replacement surgery went extremely well, thanks in large part to Lizzy and the months of work outs, gaining strength, and getting in shape prior to the operation. I am not a fan of working out, but her positive, empathetic, and encouraging approach works for me. It’s eight months after the surgery and I still look forward to our sessions. She keeps it interesting, varying the workouts as needed, and I feel great! Thanks Lizzy, you're the BEST!

-Cathy, 55

"Thin Lizzy Athletics is a great work out experience. Liz gives us the instruction for a great workout. She is very aware of everyone's strengths and weaknesses and creates the workout to achieve the most benefit for each individual."
-Marilyn, 60

 "Hey Bendites - If you're looking for an outstanding strength, endurance and flexibility-enhancing small group workout, Thin Lizzy Athletics' Boot Camp classes are a must.  Boot Camps can often be intimidating, but Liz's warm spirit and youthful exuberance make this a fantastic alternative.  Class sizes are small enough so Liz is able to devote time to teaching proper form while pushing you to maximize the power of each workout.  I've been going for a few weeks now and have definitely noticed an increase in my strength and improvements in my form.  An added benefit is that Thin Lizzy Athletics' Boot Camp has made me more powerful on my mountain bike(s)."
-Siobhan, 41

 "I have been in a several boot camp classes before but Thin Lizzy Athletics kicked my butt! The workouts were the toughest I had but her encouragement got me through them when I wanted to quit. Her enthusiasm and sense of humor made the classes fun and go by quickly. Liz's workouts got me prepared to be a bridesmaid in two different weddings and looking great at the pool over the summer. I have a trip to Hawaii coming up and I know Liz's classes will have me looking my best and feeling better! I would recommend her in a heart beat."
Jessica, 32

 "I'm very pleased. I've been training with liz for about 12months now. I've gained muscle and stamina, toned up and I feel more confident in my own skin...and every workout is different so I never get bored and it never gets easy! I never thought I'd be a runner, but Liz's got me running on a regular basis, I'm running under 7min miles, and it feels great. My Personal Trainer is awesome and worth every cent!

If you're looking for a personal fitness trainer in Bend, Oregon you should give Thin Lizzy Athletics a try." Enough said!
-Andrew, 34

 "As a person that has worked out on my own for years, I was never interested in group exercise, let alone a 'boot-camp'!  However, I agreed to go to Thin Lizzy Athletics Boot Camp with a friend over the summer and am hooked!  I am halfway through my third session and really cannot believe the results.  I have lost weight, am stronger and have more energy than ever before.  Plus, I've made great new friends.  Liz's morning sessions at the Boys & Girls Club are the perfect way to start my day before work. Liz is a fantastic personal trainer, her enthusiasm and encouragement make me look forward to working out.  Anyone in Bend looking for a fun way to work out should definitely try one of her classes."
-Lisa 54

"Liz is a fantanstic teacher and person!   She is very welcoming and gives you lots of personal attention.  And she really knows her stuff!  I highly recommend Thin Lizzy Athletics!"
-Cathy, 56

"Friendly, inviting atmosphere! Great workout!"
-Amanda, 32 

"Liz is a great trainer and meets clients where they are and helps them meet their health and fitness goals. Her workouts are always different and unique and she makes every one fun!"
-Amy, 43
"Very down to earth staff that will encourage you in a whole new way. There are lots of options on what you want to achieve and they will push you every step of the way"
-Emma, 25

Move.  Sweat.  Sculpt.

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