Fitness Services

Balance is at the root of our fitness philosophy and we believe for a fitness program to be well rounded and effective it should combine three essential components; strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility training.

We incorporate these three components along with nutrition coaching into our personal training programs, plus offer a variety of carefully selected group fitness classes that includes free-weight training, HIIT cardio, TRX suspension training, yoga, and dance.

Read on to learn more about our Personal Training and Group Fitness services.  Our clients and members can choose one or the other, or a combination both for optimal results.


Based on your fitness goals, your Thin Lizzy Athletics' Personal Trainer will build you a program that's creative, challenging, and addictive!

The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation to chat about fitness and health goals, discuss any past or current injuries, and decide which program will work best for you! Your first paid training session is dedicated to a thorough fitness assessment and includes a body composition analysis to measure your body weight, fat%, and BMI.

Because we believe it is imperative that our clients have a solid foundation, including a strong core and minimal imbalances, our TLA personal trainers carefully monitor clients during every session.

Whether your fitness objective is weight loss, post injury recovery, or even if you just want to feel better and have more energy, our Personal Training service will help you reach your goals!

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FUN is the first word that comes to mind! Thin Lizzy's Group Fitness program is designed to build strength, gain speed, and improve overall athletic ability! Our classes are creative, high energy, challenging- and WILL get you moving! AND- If you love music you're in luck, our playlist's keep workouts fresh, fun, soulful and urban inspired!

If you are looking for community and friendship, inspiration, motivation, and a positive, upbeat environment- our Group Fitness program is perfect for you!

Each class is specific and focuses on one of three areas; strength, cardio, or flexibility.  We choose this approach in order to keep your program well-rounded, interesting, and most important- as injury free as possible.

We set the bar high so that each of you has an opportunity to explore what you're made of and test your boundaries, however we encourage everyone to go at her own pace.  We provide a variety of levels with each movement to accommodate all fitness levels and backgrounds.

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"I love the group classes at TLA! I was in search of a studio that offered TRX, cardio circuits, yoga, and weight training. TLA has inspired me to have fun with my workouts and immediately start seeing results.
I encourage you to give the studio a visit, you will love the community that TLA has created."
-Abby, 34

Move.  Sweat.  Sculpt.

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