Health and Wellness Resources

Here you'll find a listing of our favorite Health and Wellness Resources!

Go see the experienced physical therapy team that started Rebound. Redbird offers an awesome an innovative approach to therapy that will boost your athletic performance!
Visit them at: 1441 SW Chandler Ave #103, Bend Oregon 97702

Check out Fleet Feet Sports on Bend's westside for all your running and triathlon needs!  Visit their website for a current listing of local running events, races, and sports clinics.  Looking for a great training program to keep you motivated for your next 5k, 10k, or half marathon?  Fleet Feet Sports offers coached runs with weekly workouts, guest speakers, sports clinics and more!
Visit their website at:

Local farm, Tender Greens grows nutrient rich Mirco-greens in Bend Oregon!  What are Mirco-greens?  They are young seedlings of edible vegetables such as, peas, beets, spinach, purple mustard etc. They’re 1-3 inches tall, a variety of colors and provide numerous health benefits. Packed in these tiny vegetables are vitamins and minerals vital for blood clotting, healing skin, and eye sight. Micro-greens also have a great body of flavor complimenting salads, sandwiches, smoothies, omelets etc.   
Visit their Facebook page at: Link

Online Resources:

Visit the Mayo Clinic website for the most current info on all things health related.  Click on the 'Health Information' tab, then select 'Healthy Living' to get helpful tips straight from the experts!
Visit their website at:

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ( HHS) is a government agency devoted to protecting the health and well being of all Americans.  HHS has an excellent website that's easy to navigate!  Select the 'Prevention Tab' and get access to several articles packed with useful information such as how to measure the intensity of your workout, how often you should be exercising, and how healthy eating can reduce the risk of chronic disease!
Visit their website at:

Have a medical question?  Visit WebMD for expert help and advice!
Visit their website at:


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