For optimal health, improved performance, and weight loss, a healthy diet must be an integral part of your fitness program. Food is the source that will drive your workouts, and without the right caloric intake, energy and nutrients it is impossible to exercise effectively and achieve the weight loss that you desire.

Thin Lizzy Athletics offers two in-house Nutrition Services, 1) basic Nutrition Strategy, and 2) In-depth Nutrition Therapy.

Nutrition Strategy Session:
60-minute session: $60
If you're ready to make dietary changes, but don't even know where to start, a face to face Nutrition Strategy Session will get you on the right track! Meet one-on-one with a Thin Lizzy Trainer to set a nutrition and meal plan. We'll calculate your daily calorie needs, macronutrient ratios (Balanced or *Ketogenic), and food group proportions based on your goals. For deeper nutritional guidance and long term support that goes beyond our Nutrition Strategy service, we recommend Nutrition Therapy.
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Nutrition Therapy:
Single and Multiple Sessions: $ Please Inquire
Weight loss, fatigue, indigestion, inflammation, depression and insomnia are just a few common health concerns that can be effectively managed with Nutritional Therapy. When all the systems of the body begin to work synergistically together and are fueled by the appropriate nutrients you will feel revitalized, rejuvenated and whole. Nutrition Therapy is recommended for a minimum of 12 weeks.

We have two in-house Nutrition Specialists. Learn more about Lyndsay and Hannah below.


Lyndsay Anderson - Nutrition Therapy
Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach
Certified Colon Hydrotherapist
Digestion + Detox Specialist
Registered Yoga Teacher

Working with Lyndsay is both deeply transformative and fun. She understands the necessity in getting to the root causes of blockages and stagnancy, but also understands that life (and health!) should be a liberating adventure!

Her programs are entrenched in topics such as; diet and nutrition, healthy lifestyle management, gut/brain connection, mindfulness, healing old traumas and shifting negative belief patterns, moving beyond fear, stepping into authentic self, embodiment, and more.

Lyndsay believes wholeheartedly in the power of cleansing and detoxification and has designed supportive programs rooted in the foundations of resetting, rejuvenating, nurturing and nourishing the mind, body and spirit.

We cannot pour from an empty cup and working with Lyndsay will help you experience exactly how self care is a revolutionary act in itself that will improve all aspects of your life. Her programs are geared toward setting the foundation for a thriving, joy-filled life full of health, youthful vitality and positivity (at any age!). You can feel clear, focused and energized every day!

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Contact Lyndsay directly to discuss working together and to book a complimentary consultation.

Contact Info:
Phone: 1 (503) -781-5321

Hannah Culver - Nutrition Therapy
Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Registered Yoga Teacher

As a certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner I take a foundational approach to healing.  In my program we focus heavily on digestion; the digestive system is the home of 70-80% of our immune system, it is where nutrients are absorbed, harmful bacteria targeted, and where signals are sent to the rest of the body to perform metabolic function. Though this is where we begin our repairs, it is only one aspect of our nutritional foundation. Blood sugar regulation, fatty acid balance, hydration, and mineral needs are also critical.

I use functional testing to help discover the individual nutrient needs of each client to bring the body back into balance. I have all clients keep a food journal, fill out a nutritional assessment, and do a functional evaluation which includes a series of neurological tests to determine the client’s specific nutritional needs.  Together we will develop a nutrient dense diet for each individual, use supplementation if necessary, and begin monitoring the body as it begins to heal and come back into balance. I recommend starting with a 3 month program to allow the body enough time to begin its healing process and find balance.

Though I focus on the foundations and general healing of the entire organism, I can help clients achieve their individual goals and work towards improving their health concerns. When all the systems of the body begin to work synergistically together and are fueled by the appropriate nutrients you will feel revitalized, rejuvenated and whole.

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Contact Hannah directly to discuss working together!

Contact Info:
Phone: 1 (971)-219-4146


*Thin Lizzy trainers provide Ketogenic coaching and can recommend diet plans. For monitored, clinical support and prescribed diet plan from a medical professional we refer our clients to The Ideal You, Weight Loss Clinic in Bend, Oregon. For more information please visit their Facebook page here.


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