Personal Training Info and Policies

Please read our Personal Training Info and Policies form before purchasing a training package.

Congratulations on beginning your fitness journey and thank you for choosing Thin Lizzy Athletics to be part of your commitment to health! As your personal trainer, I will help you improve your ability to accomplish your training goals safely and with maximum benefits. The following information will provide you with important program policies. Before we get started, please read the following to acknowledge that you have read and understand the following information. You will be asked to sign a copy at time of first scheduled session.

Trainer Responsibilities

1. A Thin Lizzy Athletics trainer provides clients with the motivation, education, guidance, and individual instruction required to achieve their personal fitness goals.
2. Trainer will design a safe, effective exercise program on an individual basis that reflects the client's objectives, fitness level, and experience.
3. If the trainer is late for a session, that time is owed to the client at no additional charge.
4. Trainer will maintain current General Liability Insurance policy.
5. Trainer will stay current with applicable professional certifications.

Personal Training Information and Policies

1. Commitment: By purchasing sessions, client is making a commitment to his/her health. Clients should follow the program and instructions of trainer to the best of their ability to maximize their results and better achieve their goals. In order for trainer to design a safe and effective program, client must complete all assessment forms provided by trainer before first training session.
2. Specifics: Trainer and client shall agree upon the time, program type, and location of personal training sessions at the rate set forth and detailed on the rate sheet. Trainer will try to accommodate preferences for certain appointment times, but cannot guarantee availability due to other appointments, scheduling conflicts, and other factors. Once training is scheduled, both client and trainer are held liable for those time slots.
3. Punctuality: Client will be ready to workout at scheduled start time and will give trainer un-interrupted attention. Failure to be prepared to train may result in a shortened workout or possible cancellation if the client is more than thirty minutes late (for a 60 min. session). If a client anticipates running late, he/she should contact trainer as soon as possible. Trainer will arrive on time at scheduled session and provide client an un-interrupted workout.
4. Stopping Exercise: Client may refuse or stop any exercise for any reason. It is a client's responsibility to notify trainer of any discomfort or pain arising from or durning exercise, as well as, any and all other known limitations client has or experiences so that trainer may accommodate client and substitute another exercise to work that particular muscle group.
5. Payment: Client acknowledges and agrees that this personal training contract is not transferable. Payment must be made in advance of sessions in one lump sum. Sessions expire 1 (one) year from purchase date (It is beneficial that you are consistent with your sessions in order to get/receive the positive results from your designed exercise program). Money will not be refunded on unused sessions.
6. Cancellation of Individual Sessions: Client acknowledges that appointment times are reserved and any cancellations must be made a minimum of twenty four (24) hours in advance. Any and all cancellations with less than twenty four (24) hours notice will result in forfeiture of session which is taken from training package. Clients paying per session without giving at least twenty four (24) hours notice will be charged in full for cancelled session. If trainer must cancel a session, he/she will do so, by phone, with at least twenty four (24) hours notice or client will receive a complimentary session.
7. Cancellation of Contract: You may cancel this contract with a full refund within three business days of signing the contract or before first training session, whichever comes first. Thin Lizzy Athletics will return any payments made in full within 14 business days. No refunds will be given after the third business day of signing the contract or after the first training session, whichever comes first.
8. Client understands this is a legally binding contract, has read the contract, and fully understands its contents.


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