October Specials & Events

Sugar Free October Challenge

We're pumped to present our next monthly challenge! With Halloween temptation right around the corner it's the perfect time for our 2nd annual Sugar Free Challenge!

As a whole we've gotten used to sweetened foods being the norm. Unfortunately our taste buds enjoy and then crave sweet foods. Now sugar has been added to the majority of everyday food staples such as; yogurts, breads, dried fruit, granola bars, etc. That being said a mindful detox from added sugars is quite the eye opener.

This year, let's kick our sugar addictions to the curb BEFORE the winter holidays! Who's ready to take on the challenge?!

Bonus challenge- cut out the Alcohol!

Fat has 9 calories per gram, alcohol has 7 calories per gram. Not only does alcohol have similar calorie count as fat but the calories are empty.  That is a lot of empty calories for a small service size!

For 30 days, we encourage you to give up alcohol along with your other sugars! Doing so will give you even better results!

To stay on track we recommend keeping a food journal. Record how you feel, your energy levels, and also your temptations or other struggles.  Journaling helps us process our thoughts and emotions and can be a huge help!

We also encourage you to post food ideas, recipes, photos and videos of your Sugar Free October successes and struggles with #SugarFreeOctober. Remember YOU are an inspiration to someone!

Sugar Free Speaker Series

In conjunction with our October Challenge, we're offering our Sugar Free Speaker Series!

This series of nutrition talks is designed to be part educational, part motivational. Topics focus on the effects of sugar as it relates to each speaker’s area of expertise. Join us for the whole series, or attend talks that especially interest you. Friends and family are welcome! This is a No-Charge event.


Speaker Series Schedule:

Week 1:
Sunday, 1st @ 4:30pm - Shannon Bennet, Ideal You
Learn all about the pancreas and sugar's role in the overproduction of insulin.

Week 2:
Monday, 9th @ 6:30pm - Annemieke Austin, MD
Uncover the Cholesterol Myth. Does a high fat diet deserve it's bad rap?

Week 3:
Monday, 16th @ 6:30pm - Erica Winn, Paleo Blogger
Get the scoop on the Paleo diet and meal planning tips

Wed, 18th @ 6:30pm - Stephanie Gilstrap, Isagenix
Nutritional packed Isagenix products might be just what you need to kick sugar to the curb!

Week 4:
Monday, 23rd @ 6:30pm- Hannah Culver, Nutrition Therapy
Hannah's talk focuses on sugar's role in fatigue and the chronic Stress response.

Please RSVP @ lizduvall@thinlizzyathletics.com or Call 541-241-2339

-Thin Lizzy Team


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