TLA Fit Plan

Use Your Color-Coded Fitness Planner!

The most efficient way to achieve optimal fitness is through a balanced training program that includes Strength, Cardio, and Active Recovery.

Using that model Thin Lizzy Athletics has developed the 'TLA Fit Plan' to help you navigate our Group Fitness and VIP Open Gym schedule! Our 'TLA Fit Plan' serves as a guide making it easy to create a balanced workout schedule that's well suited to your fitness goals.

We've built a schedule we know you'll love!!! You have several classes to choose from in each of the 3 key areas; Strength, Cardio, and Active Recovery. Our color-coded Fit Plan corresponds to our color-coded class schedule, making it easy to see which category each class falls under. TLA Fit Plan and Class Schedule are posted below!


Move.  Sweat.  Sculpt.

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