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TLA Tribe

Join our Fitness Community- Join the Tribe!

Our Passion is fostering a community among clients and members where a growing commitment to health and fitness is the common thread. This is the passion behind the TLA Tribe!

Every single one of you who walks through our studio door becomes a part of our community! Your participation and unique energy is what drives Thin Lizzy Athletics!

We want to show you how much you matter!  After 3 month of commitment towards VIP Membership or Personal Training program, you are officially initiated into the TLA Tribe!

The Perks of Being a Triber:

You've spent 3 months working hard on your fitness goals, now it's time to enjoy it! In an effort to build community, and ultimately our well-being, TLA Tribers are encouraged to join the TLA Team in quarterly adventures.  These will be free, non-competitive outings that will get us outdoors and enjoying Bend.

Bonus: With initiation every Triber gets a TLA Tribe trucker hat.  To keep it meaningful Tribe hats will not be for sale, but gifted only.

Become part of the TLA Tribe!  Sign up for our VIP Membership here.  Or for Personal Training book your consultation today, call 541-241.2339!

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