Weight Loss Transformations

The best thing about being a fitness trainer is seeing our clients transform into happier, healthier people!  Here some of the dedicated clients we get to work with and their amazing results!

Client: Tracy


This weight loss transformation happened in just 6 months! So, what's her secret? Discipline!

Tracy lost weight and gained strength with a combination of strength training with Thin Lizzy Athletics, running with Fleet Feet Sports Bend, and eating a healthy, well balanced diet. This women truly rocks and I'm so proud of her. Her continuous effort and endless determination is VERY inspiring! Go girl!!

(Top: taken just 6 months apart  Bottom: most recent progress after 6 weeks )

Client: Amber

Fitness Transformation

Fitness Transformation

Amber has been training with us for a little over 3 months now!  We got a text from her a week ago with this photo attached.

Her text read:
"Fun Fact: I tried this dress in the same size in July and it totally didn't fit.  But now it fits! And it's on sale!"  We Love it!!


Client:  Emma

Client Transformations

Left: March, 2015,  Right: April 2015

We are so excited about this awesome six-week transformation!  Emma works really hard every single training session and it shows!  Look at those Abs!

Client: Amy

weight loss transformation

weight loss transformation

This women is AMAZING!  Amy, our 30 Day New Year, New You champion is down 50 lbs since she started her fitness journey last year.  These two photos taken 30 days apart show  her most recent progress.  Amy works so hard and is such an inspiration!  She keeps getting stronger everday, and for her, and others who are willing to work this hard, the sky is the limit!!

Stay posted for transformation updates and inspiration!

Move.  Sweat.  Sculpt.

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